Installing Samsung Printer Multifunction Drivers

In this session, we will explore the installation method for Samsung printer multifunction drivers. First, you’ll need at least one computer to use the printer. There are generally three ways to connect the printer to a computer: (1) Using a USB cable to connect the computer and printer, (2) Sharing the printer via Ethernet so that multiple PCs can use it simultaneously, and (3) Connecting the printer to Wi-Fi for sharing among multiple PCs. However, in this post, we will primarily focus on (1) using a USB cable, but the other methods are also mentioned below for your reference.

Connecting the printer and computer via the USB cable, as described in methods 2 and 3 above, may vary slightly depending on the model. However, using the USB cable included with the printer at the time of purchase is likely consistent across all Samsung printers. Samsung also provides unified drivers through its download center. Connecting the printer and computer via USB cable is much simpler compared to network or Wi-Fi methods. However, this method allows only one PC to use the printer, making it unsuitable for situations where multiple people, such as in schools or offices, need to use it together. While it’s possible to share the printer from the PC, it may not be optimal. Nevertheless, for scenarios where only one PC needs to use the printer, such as in homes or small offices, connecting via USB cable is simpler and more practical than using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

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